If you are looking to have some designs made for you to share on your social media, at a few events or to giveaway, take a look at the options from this package.

What options can you choose
from this package?

• Teasers for your books. Combo option for max. 5 teasers. 
1 teaser = US$15 with stock image & US$10 if you provide the image.
Combo 5 teasers= US$50 with stock images & US$40 if you provide the images.
•Banner designs – US$50
•Swag Pack (bookmarks, postcards, whatever you wish to have) – US$30 per. design. 
•Book Covers. Ebook US$50 & Full Book Wrap US$80.

Swag and banner designs does not include the printing option. For printing services I would recommend Vistaprint.

If you wish to work with some of this click over.