I’m designing pre-made covers now!

I have been with my freelance service for 3 years going on to 4 now and I can not tell you how happy and how much love I have for this.

It was at first graphic and web designs, but this year I am focusing on also adding Pre-Made Covers.

On January I open a shop section with pre-made covers I created myself and this is something kinda new that I completely enjoy!

I’m working on creating more covers soon but thankfully I will be coming with many more cover for a also more genres out there.

Visit my store here: https://nashalamadesigns.com/purchase/

And I hope you like it.

Hello, welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone, this is my first and I think it is best if I introduce myself!

My name is Nasha and I’m a 23 years old Dominican/American designer. I have a bachelor degree in advertising and I’m hoping to do a master degree on Visual Communication.

As a hobby I like to dance, watch movies, do pre-made covers and definitely read!

I will come tomorrow with a new post, but I wanted this one to be an introduction.

Have a nice rest of the days,