No. Sleep. TILL BROOKLYN! Or something like that…

So, what’s next for me you ask?  Wait, you didn’t ask?  Oh, sorry.  Well, I’m going to tell you anyway so shut it.
I am releasing my first New Adult book titled “Watch Over Me” on June 14th.  The pre-order for both ebook and paperback through Amazon should be up soon.  I’m very excited and feel kind of pukey about publishing this one so you better read it or I will straight up puke on you.
Aaaaaand, I’ve been waiting for what seems like ages to announce this when in reality it’s only been a few months.  But that’s like 10 bajillion years in author-time.  I have signed a 3-book deal with Amazon Publishing for a brand spankin’ new series called the Fool Me Once series.  It’s going to be a combination of my romantic suspense books and romantic comedy.  So you’ll get the twists and turns, some funny, and some hot sex all rolled into one.  Are you excited?!!  I’m excited!  I’m also freaking out.  This means I have to work on deadlines, people!  But this also means I’ll have someone else doing my promoting and marketing for those books and I’ll have more free time.  Ha ha ha ha ha yeah right!  Because not only do I need to write 3 books for that series this year, I also plan on writing the last 2 books in the Playing with Fire series and the 4th and final book in the Chocolate Lovers series.
Yep, you heard that right.  Six more books to write by the end of the year.  No biggie.  Who needs sleep?  Or food?  Not this girl!  I will function on crack and Red Bull!    Just kidding.  Red Bull is disgusting.
So there you have it.  I’m going to be a busy little beaver.  Or just a beaver.  Or if I continue forgetting to eat, just little.

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  1. Im from Brooklyn …you don’t need to sleep. Did I read this right? A 4th book for the chocolate series….and 5 more Novels by years end? All Tara …all the time? .this is fricken Taradise…..yes….im coining and own the word Taradise….best news ever….

  2. Soooooo since I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your books and laughing my ass off, I just have to say get your ass to work you have six books to write and I’m not a patient person! Lol!! Good luck with the writing and set an alarm so you don’t forget to eat…..

  3. I think I just wet myself when I read there will be a fourth book in the chocolate lovers series!!!!! CANT WAIT

  4. You freaking crack me up! I am thrilled at your news…just getting a 4th in the Chocolate Lovers series made my day.
    And pffft…who needs sleep?
    The best of luck…I love your books and have gushed to you many times about them. A Beautiful Lie was sheer perfection so yes I will follow you anywhere.
    Now start writing and stop blogging 😉

  5. Okay…I am in like heaven to hear that there will be 6 books from you this year! YES! I can’t wait to read them!
    So do you have your hookers for your books? if so, I want to be one….have you thought about a street team with swag to hand out…if so I want to be a member of that team!
    Love your books…and yes I squealed when I read that there will be a 4th in the chocolate lovers series!

  6. More chocolate lovers?!?! LOL I think that was all I got out of that and had to reread it! Bring on the funny!

  7. I SO can’t wait for all of these books to come out! I have a serious FanGirl crush on you and you are listed in my Authors I’m Crushing On portion of my blog. So excited to hear about the publishing deal. You deserve all the good things that are happening! Now, get your ass to writing!

  8. You just made me the happiest girl! A fourth book in the chocolate series!!!! Those were my favorite books and I was so sad when I read the last one.

  9. Ohmygosh!!! That is so freaking awesome!!! Well, not the forgetting to eat part… But the rest! And omg redbull is so disgusting! I assume crack is too, but I’m no expert on it cuz ain’t nobody got time for dat! Oooh I love your funny snarky ways 🙂 I can’t wait for more books from you! Eat girl!

  10. OMG!!!!! there will be a series in the chocolate series?????? that is amazing!!! I love it and cant waite! so do that one first hurry go go go lol jk no but really hurry

  11. So excited about all your news Tara! You keep writing those Chocolate books and we’ll keep devouring them!!

  12. I am SUPER excited about all of your upcoming books!!! PLEASE tell me that the books will also be available for Nook readers! Don’t leave us out, please!!!!!

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